My Toddler’s Labial Adhesion story, part 1

Hello friends,

I would like to invite you to join me for a private conversation as I share about my daughter’s labial adhesion and how The Lord is working in her life to bring healing! 

 Have you ever had a story to tell that was so important to you and you were so passionate about sharing it that you didn’t know where to start? You didn’t want to leave out any details or miss a single, God Moment. 

That’s how I feel about my story.

I want to share with you about the amazing journey God is taking me and my family on and I don’t want to miss anything, I want to show you how GREAT our God is, how BIG our God is. I want to make sure I don’t dilute the truth with “fluffy drama” to make it catchy. I just want Him to be seen through me and for anyone that’s been in my season of life or is currently there to say, “God you are good!”

Every story starts somewhere, so let us start where all good stories begin…In the beginning, of course.I would like to invite you to join me for a private conversation as I share about my daughter's labial adhesion and how The Lord is working in her life.

Ten months ago our 2-year-old daughter, Emily, started having frequent bladder infections and they were getting so bad that she wouldn’t go to the bathroom because she would be in so much pain and have bleeding. I kept encouraging her to not drink soda or juice even if everyone else was having it or not eat too much sugar or things with white flour. We changed our diets to help her with this yet still she would have a UTI at least two or three times a month.

One day she was using the bathroom and after going potty she starts clapping and says, “Thank you, Jesus, my potty doesn’t hurt today!!” my heart broke and smiled all at the same time. It amazed me how someone so small could see God in this.

It’s been about six months and even with a strict diet there has been little change so my husband and I decided we should take her into the pediatrician for some guidance on how to help her. We later learned that her body is no longer making enough estrogen to keep her body functioning the way it needs to and as a result she wasn’t developing correctly in her private area. He told me that I would need to apply a cream twice a day until she hit puberty and that hopefully once she’s older everything will balance out and her body will begin to heal on it’s own.

I left the doctors office not knowing exactly what I was feeling. Part of me was relieved that we had figured out the cause of her pain and another part confused. I’m the mom that eats organic, takes coconut oil, cod liver oil, daily multi-vitamins, and makes sure we get our exercise in. I felt like maybe I failed as a mom to give my daughter the proper nutrition, that somehow this was my fault. As I drove to the pharmacy to pick up her needed supplies I learned that her medication would be 250.00- it only lasted three weeks. I drove away empty handed. I didn’t have the money and I calculated what the cost would be for the next 11 years.. 47,657.50 … I cried. We don’t live a lifestyle that allows that. As I pulled into the driveway I took a deep breath and whispered a small prayer, “Show me what to do God. You knew this day was coming, you have gone before me. Please lead me.” Later that night I started to research the medicine our doctor suggestion. The very first warning said, “if you have a family history of breast cancer, uterine cancer, or ovarian cancer this will increase your chances to have one of the following.” Y’all, everyone woman on my mom’s side of the family has either had one or all of those cancers and later died from one of those cancers. The thought of giving this to my daughter made me nauseous! I felt that if I were to give her this for YEARS I would basically be handing her cancer wrapped up in bottle and I couldn’t do it….there had to be another way, this couldn’t be the only option!

10 weeks and 3 days later God opened the doors to help us find healing for Emily…..

Join me next week as I share the conclusion of our story!


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