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Go from Grumbling to Grateful and other Thanksgiving Activities

Photo Credit: Simply Vintage Girl Blog

Most of you know that I love this time of year. The way the autumn colored leaves dance to the ground, to the crisp air and the cozy fires outside with the family gathered around. Maybe that’s why I find it fun to participate in Thanksgiving activities. The children have often shared with me their favorite memories of childhood; many of them were around this time of year. While there are many fun things to do this time of year it’s important for us to remember that God desires for us to give Thanks throughout the year and throughout each day! As mothers, who have made our home our ministry, we are wise to cultivate the attitude of thanksgiving all year long. A very simple and practical way to do this is by our example. It’s not that hard. It’s making the choice to look at How gracious the Lord has been to us instead of how hard life has been. It’s the conscious decision to take our attention off of what we lack and put it on what we have. It’s the simple steps we take toward cultivating a thankful home that matter most. Such as being polite and respectful to one another, leaving a note telling another family member how thankful we are for them, having a peaceful and orderly home, or helping them with a chore of their own. It’s taking time to consider others instead of ourselves. Such simple steps can take our homes from grumbling to grateful real fast!

In case you’re looking for some fun Thanksgiving Activities, I thought I would share my top five favorites with you here. Do you have a Thanksgiving activity you would like to add to the list? I’d love to hear!

1. Make a Thankful Tree

2. Picking apples from our trees or at a “you pick” orchard with friends.

3. Making caramel apples together as a family. You can find our recipe in the Flavors of Fall 2009 on page 23 You can download three years of recipe sharing by visiting HERE

4. Gathering recipes from friends of their favorite Thanksgiving dishes and putting some of those on our own table. My children love making these dishes. They will talk about memories they have with the family member or friend that shared the recipe with us.

5. Enjoy one of the Wood family’s favorite family traditions, story time! Here are just a few of the books we’ve enjoyed over the years: A Thanksgiving Story in Vermont, The Thanksgiving Primer, If You Were At The First Thanksgiving, and Of Plymouth Plantation

Because of His Love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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