Father’s Day Breakfast



I love celebrating Father’s day!

My Joe works so hard that it’s good to have one day to say, “We appreciate you” in more tangible ways than we might through the rest of the year.

Father’s day actually began back in 1910, but it wasn’t made a Federal holiday until 1972. For many years, and perhaps by some still today, men have had an uneasiness about the holiday feeling that they don’t need the gifts. Personally, that’s probably why I don’t buy gifts for my Father or my dear Joe on Father’s Day. Rather, I enjoy spending time with them making sure that I’ve expressed both in word and deed how important they are in my life.

Preparing them their favorite meal is one simple way that I can bring them joy. It’s fun to make a meal special for someone you love isn’t it? We have a great deal of fun in the kitchen. Each child finds a role they want to have in the kitchen, wash their hands, and get busy working right along side me. Often we talk about the many attributes we see daily displayed in the men we’re honoring.

I want to make something special for my Joe this year. I have decided I will be making him a steak, spinach, and egg panini served with a mixed fruit salad.

I’d love to hear what you’ll be doing in honor of the Fathers in your family. Please share if you can and if you have a recipe don’t forget to share that too. I love finding new recipes that are tried and true!

Until our next chat,
Mrs. Joseph Wood
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  1. Chris Jacobs Clark via Facebook
    Chris Jacobs Clark via Facebook says:

    Steak, baked potato & salad and a lemon icebox cake that took two days to make. Plus lots of hugs and kisses and art projects. :)


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