Daniels Story…

Daniels Story has been one that I’ve held off from writing because truthfully, I feel like I’ve only turned the first page to the most amazing story that is unfolding right before my eyes. There is so much still unknown. So many details where God is showing Himself vividly active in my life, in my dear Daniels life. Moments that have been and will continue to be life changing, tears that have been and will be shed, as well as many, many giggles that will be shared. So, while we may only be just beginning Daniels story I rest with confidence that it has been written out fully by a loving and gracious God.  If you have a moment join me as I share with you… Daniels Story.

Daniel was conceived and grew in the womb of his birth mother who was brave enough to chose life… precious life. While I know from her profile that she does not know our Heavenly Father as her personal Savior I do know that God knows her, loves her and loves this baby. I don’t know her and it is her wish that we never meet. I can not imagine her thoughts or how she must feel. I do know a few things about her but that is her story and this post is about Daniel and HIS story. Daniel was knit by the mighty hand of God, fashioned perfectly and yet, in our society they would miss the “perfection” because of a genetic disorder called, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy also known as DMD.

You know Daniel’s story really starts before that. Let me share more.

Three years ago we moved to Kansas. Prior to moving I visited my parent’s home where I picked up my mother’s Bible for morning devotions. Inside, I came across a note in the side margin that said something about me having a daughter and naming her Deborah. I instantly remembered the time, many years before,  when mom had called me and felt strongly that we would have a daughter and name her Deborah. I told Joe about this reminder and we agreed to commit the matter to prayer. We know very well that if God is really the one that put that in mom’s heart then no amount of time is going to change His promise. After prayer, and discussion with my parents, the children, and friends we felt confident that we were to complete a home study for a private adoption and simply wait for God to bring our Deborah to us. So we did just that. There were many things that happened when God would confirm that we were doing the right thing however, one thing that started happening was that we all started thinking we had more children that God might want to bless us with. Maybe God had a little boy for us after Deborah? Or maybe with Deborah? We didn’t know yet, as a family we started praying for a little boy who we started calling Daniel. The Lord brought him to mind often and every time God would bring him to mind we would pray for him. My mother even called me to tell me that she had a dream of Daniel that was so vivid. Well, time went by and our home study was about to expire. We have children getting married, growing up, and honestly we started thinking, “Did we miss something here? Maybe this was all our thinking and not God at all.” I told my parents on the visit we took to CA that we were praying about if God wanted us to update our home study or not. Mom felt that God did have a child for us and just encouraged us to not grow weary in waiting. Saturday, June 25th Joe and I sat in bed early in the morning talking aobut this subject when I said, “Is it wrong to ask God for another sign?” Joe said he didn’t think it was and he understood that I really had a need to know we were doing what God was calling us to do. A few children entered the room and shared in the discussion, we all agreed that we would continue to pray. No more than 15 minutes later, I went to my computer to do some work at the desk when I discovered an email from our attorney letting us know he had recieved news of a little boy that needed a family, our Daniel. He sent the information to us, talked to my Joe a few times about things to consider, phone calls were made, and then we called him back to say, “Go ahead and give the agency our information. If this is the Lord then they’ll contact us.” Now between me and you I had my doubts that there was anyone out there that would pick a family of ten children but… I was just doing what we felt God had told us to do.

So we waited…. and we waited…. all weekend, then Monday went by and no word back. I figured they must have found a home for the baby and was trying to tell myself to forget it but I just kept thinking he might be coming so I rushed around the farm to finish the projects that we’re on my ‘to do’ list. Tuesday, June 28th, I received an email stating that we had permission to contact the social worker in charge. I did so, left several messages and then heard nothing…. well for a few hours anyway! It’s amazing how SLOW time goes by when I’m waiting. Eventually, I did get a call back. Discussed things about Daniel in detail, shared about our family in detail, and then was asked to submit our home study to her. Throughout all this from the very first moment we learned about Daniel I had this strong feeling that Daniel would “Declare the Glory of God”.  I was informed that they did have two other families they were considering and some phone calls to return… so the waiting resumed. Wednesday went by then Thursday when I got a call saying they had decided on a family for the baby and asked if we were still interested. I didn’t know what to think! Now, it all seemed so fast. Details were discussed and arrangements made for us to pick Daniel up on July 1st at 9:30 am. It seemed unbelievable and yet so perfectly natural at the same time. No feelings of anxiousness, no feelings of worry, nothing except complete peace (mixed with excitement of course) to meet our son!

Thursday night I had to drive six hours to pick Joe up from the middle of his work week so that he could be with me to sign papers. We didn’t get home until 4am and then woke at 7am so that we could be ready and not a moment late for our special appointment. Well, I had my directions wrong and even though we left early we ended up being a few minutes late and having to call for directions. It’s funny how moments like this remain so vivid in my mind and yet the details around them are a blur. For example, I remember taking a deep breath and holding my Joe’s hand as we walked into the agency. I know there were people in the room but I can’t tell you how many or who they were. My eyes found Daniel and I simply gasped and then came the tears as they handed him to me. Joe’s eyes filled with tears as he leaned over my shoulder and said, “hello son”. I remember hearing someone in the room say, “This is going to make me cry.” we were offered a private room where we took our son and just gazed at the perfection of his little frame while we held him in our arms.

Adoption details were discussed, papers signed, questions answered, and we were now ready to take our little boy home for the very first time. Countless things have happened to reveal to us that Daniel is our son. From having a pediatrician that is committed to helping us with all of Daniels needs, to the answered prayer, Joe just “happened” to have a week vacation, the blessing from my parents and their agreement with us in receiving Daniel, to bills being paid and people offering to help us in any way they can. I don’t know what the rest of the Daniel’s story is yet, I do know who wrote the story and I know I can trust Him.

As I sat admiring the handiwork of God in the life of Daniel I whispered, “Grow strong Daniel and declare the Glory of God.” I prayed and continue to pray for God to heal Daniel and like I told my mom it was almost a whisper back to me that said, “Jeanette dont’ you see? Daniel already declares my Glory.” I don’t know if God will heal Daniel but I know He can. However, I’m not going to live my life or let Daniel waste one precious second of his life waiting for something else rather that what he has. Daniel has today, Daniel has this moment, this second… just like you and I do. None of us are guaranteed our next breath! Therefore it is in my heart and my dear Joe’s heart to raise Daniel in the fear and admonition of the Lord so that he knows he was created to Declare the Glory of God… today, right now, exactly like he is!

Thank you for letting me share with you a glimpse of Daniel’s story. The Lord has done great things for us! Our hearts are filled with Joy and who knows perhaps the Lord has Deborah out there waiting to bring her home to us one day in the future. I’m confident if that’s the case Daniel will be a great big brother!

May the Lord always be glorified… for He alone is worthy!

With much love,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

If you would like to learn more about DMD I encourage you to visit:

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy MOMS

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

To help kids understand Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Brain POP Muscular Dystrophy

IF you would like to help us with adoption expenses I will be making available a Beekeeping Made Simple E-book for a 6.99 donation, all funds go toward our adoption. Make sure you check our Facebook page so you know when that resource is available.


10 replies
  1. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    Definitely worth waiting for! What a blessing, Daniel is already to you and hearing the beginning of his story to us as tears flood my eyes of God’s goodness!

  2. Sarah @ Mum In Bloom
    Sarah @ Mum In Bloom says:

    Oh God is indeed great! Thank you so much for sharing Daniel’s story with us. I look forward to reading more of your journey. You are a wonderful family whom I admire greatly. May the Lord Bless you for all you do xo

  3. Women Living Well
    Women Living Well says:

    Thank you for telling the story! It’s SO beautiful and he is so gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to watch your journey unfold and thank you for walking with God so we can see how to be a Godly woman!
    Blessings to your whole family!

  4. Julie
    Julie says:

    Adoption stories are truely only woven together by Christ. Thank you for sharing these details with us. It is wonderful to be able to rely on God and His hand in everything…..He truely does weave everything together. Praise Him for the that! Daniel will be your little blessing and is truely blessed to be a part of your loving family!

  5. Shellie
    Shellie says:

    What a precious beginning! May God continue to bless you and your family as you travel this journey! To God be the glory! Amen, amen!
    Looking forward to the Beekeeping Made Simple! I’ll be watching for its availablitly!

  6. Vickie
    Vickie says:

    From one adoptive mom of many to another…CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and for the beginning of Daniel’s (that name is also on my list of names for future adopted sons :)


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