Daniel’s first Birthday!


Our Home- My Joe, Elisha, and Jacob all helped get the balloons in place!


Friends came to celebrate!

Men prayed for Daniel. He wasn’t too sure about it all

and needed Momma to come “rescue” him.

Children played! Precious Childhood days!!



 Horsey rides were given to the children.

Some children had their very first horsey ride ever!



The cake was not what I had hoped. It was several hours late as well. However, the day was not about everything being “perfect”. The day was about celebrating God’s goodness toward our family, especially our sweet son, Daniel! That made the day perfect!

  Baby enjoying his cake!


Daniel’s guest book was actually a large drawing of a house that his brother, Elisha, did for him.

 Each guest gave their finger print to look like the balloons. It’s a treausre!!

Special Moments!