Chickenpox To Do List


Did I seriously just type that word?

I should probably make myself a Chickenpox To Do list! That’s what I need to do!

If I start to think of what chickenpox in a large family might look like… I just have to stop myself from thinking about it anymore!

And then I start thinking again…

How, after 26 years of parenting, did my children get chickenpox? OH! They have been exposed many times over the years, yet never have any of them caught this virus!!

I know my life has been busy, kinda crazy, and I most certainly have not kept up our diligent service for building the immune system, but chickenpox?

Seriously? Right now? At this time in my life?? Lord! really?

We have my parents arriving this Thursday, my Beth Joy and her husband were suppose to be coming in a few weeks to help us celebrate Baby’s Make a Wish event. With her being just 9 weeks along in her pregnancy, there is no way I want to expose her to chickenpox! Then we have this wonderful Make a Wish event that was to happen in less than 2 weeks. Oh, and did I mention that we have our third grand baby arriving in just a few weeks?

As I consider all of these things another child comes down the hall to tell me they too have “spots”.


You’d think, or at least I think, I should really be frazzled about now, but I’m not, at least I don’t think I am. I keep thinking, am I in shock? Is the “frazzled” going to hit me in a few minutes?

And then I wait for the “frazzled”, but nothing happens. Just peace!

Plans have to change, visits have to be put on hold, events need to be rescheduled, and families need to be contacted. I start thinking, I should be feeling overwhelmed and frazzled anytime now.. wait for it…. wait for it…

Nothing happens. Just peace. Just confidence. I ponder how amazing His Peace is to me time and time again.  Life has thrown me more than chickenpox and still… there is Peace. It’s causes me to be in awe  of Him, truly!

I know we’ll get through this. Just like so many mothers have done before  me…

I start counting back on the calendar, wracking my brain to think, “Where were we 21 days ago?” I keep having this feeling like someone told me their children had just gotten over the chickenpox, who was that?

OH! Thank you Lord!! I found the Vinegar of the Four Thieves. Then my brain starts taking me through the “to do” list I should write. I never thought I would be writing a, Chickenpox to do list.

Mercy! (I know I’ve said that before, but sometimes that’s all I can say!)

I need to figure out how to help the children with itching.

Call the doctor first thing in the morning and let them know that two children have fevers and spots. I’m confident it’s chickenpox from my experience in pediatrics so many years ago…. and then….

Child #3 comes to announce they too have spots and don’t feel very well. Yep! I’m positive this is chickenpox!

I settle the rest of the family down. They have now gathered in my room, with questions and behavior much like  you would expect if a world wide epidemic had just hit your home town. I try not to giggle where they can see me. I answer each question, debunk each myth they have, and send them back on their way to focus on their tasks at hand.

Now what was I doing? Oh yes!! Making that Chickenpox to do list! In case you’ve not heard, I’m a “to do” list nerd!

Next task to add to my list: Healing Bone broth with bulbs of garlic will be on the menu for tomorrow.

Make sure the children are comfortable. Distract them from the shock of having chickenpox and just enjoy each other.

Oh yes!! I need to start washing the house down, all door handles, light switches, counter tops, and wash all the bedding….

Oh mercy!!!

The laundry. I seriously need to do my laundry and then I remember that the pump went out on the washer!!


That also reminds me that the repair man is coming today! I better call him and let him know he’s walking into a contagious environment… oh, how I do hope he can still fix my washer!

Maybe that’s selfish.

I better just hope for the best and not get my expectations up too high that the laundry will be done today.

I need to toss all the toothbrushes into the garbage…oh! and add them to my shopping to do list!

Have children take Oregano Oil

Increase our Coconut Oil

Enjoy each other… a lot!

The sun is rising, I sit watching out the window as a bird flutters into a birdhouse that we have placed in the garden bed just for it’s habitation.

I consider, how God has done the same for me. He’s placed exactly what I need, exactly where I need it, at the exact moment I need it.

My heart lightens as I look over my “Chickenpox To Do List,” this is all going to be just fine. I know God’s already went before me. No need to wait for “frazzled” to hit me!

It’s going to be a beautiful day!!

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

Chicken Pox To Do List


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  1. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    This is beautiful!! Not of course that you all have the chicken pox, but that you shared your peace :) The worst for my sweet babies was not getting to play outside 😉 My baby came in (think she was about 5 I guess) and had a “bug bite” on her forehead. She’d scratched it plenty so we cleaned it up and out she went again. In a few hours we realized it wasn’t a bug bite — it’s the only scar she has…..


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