Are you living…or dying?

I remember when we first explained to the children about Duchenne’s. At the end of the conversation, the room was quiet. Tears were falling down some children’s cheeks as they realized that their baby brother was sick and there was no cure. It was at that important moment when Elisha spoke up and said, “Daniel is not coming home to die. He’s coming home to live.”

When someone in the family battles cancer, children are born with terminal illness, or any other condition that can limit life, it is vital that we remember God alone numbers our days, not man. In order to offer hope to others we must have the joy and confidence in His Supremacy. We must trust that nothing can separate us from the love of God.. nothing. For those of us that are invited by Providence to be a comfort to those with conditions such as I mentioned above, we must also recognize the great privilege we’ve been given. We are invited to display compassion as Christ displays to us. Love without limits, and display a life that says, “Blessed be the Name of the Lord” regardless of our earthly circumstances. We want to be a light to those that seek direction when darkness seems to surround them; I’m sure we’ve all had moments when darkness seemed to envelope us. We don’t live ignoring the needs of our condition, instead we face them, deal with them every day by God’s grace and know this is only temporary. We don’t have a pitiful, aimless hope rather we have a confidence in a God who is not limited. We have a humility about us to know that we are not our own we were bought with a price, for His purpose and His Glory alone. None of us are guaranteed our next breath. There is no guarantee that tragedy will not strike. However, for the righteous, God guarantees that He will not leave us in such times.

Many, many, years ago my great grandmother was ill and due to old age obviously didn’t have much time left. She said to me, “Jeanette, I just don’t know why God hasn’t taken me home yet.” I replied, “Because His purpose in your life is not finished.” We continued to discuss what God would want from her in those last days. I encouraged her that covering her family in prayer was vital. A few weeks later when we spoke again she told me how precious that time of prayer had been for her. It wasn’t but a few days after that when she went Home. What an encouragement it was to me knowing my great grandmother was covering me in prayer. I think back on that conversation and those days, they are precious to me.

My great grandmother was living up until the moment that she went Home because she decided not to let her limitations keep her from fulfilling His purpose for her life. She didn’t have to complete a “bucket list” she just wanted to complete His desires for her. When my mother was DX with three different cancers, she wasn’t dying… she was living! She was a light to others, a Joy in the midst of great pain. For my precious child, Daniel, he too is living. As his family we are living! We will not sit around numb because of lost dreams and hopes; that would be dying! Instead, we will cling to His Hope and pray that the Lord might only give us His dreams and desires.

No matter how few or how many days we have here on this earth, as long as we have breath, we can be confident that we still have a purpose here on earth. I want to live every day in such a vivid way that no one can ever question that Purpose; I want to teach my son to do the same. I guess my question to each of us is this, “Are we living or dying?”

Here is a picture of my sweet boy. Daniel has spent the last 245 days living… not dying! I look forward to many, many, more days and yet trust each one to the Lord!!