A Day With Daniel

A day with Daniel is utterly, completely, romantically, perfect!~ And in the midst of this perfection there is a desk full of work, a sink full of dishes and laundry that needs to be done. There are times he cries with tummy pains and dirty diapers that need to be changed but these are pale in comparison to all the joy he brings into the heart of each member of this home. I guess I’ve come to learn that perfection isn’t when life ‘appears’ perfect rather, it’s when I decide to live each moment to the fullest, bathing in the blessings instead of wallowing in any of the sorrows.

I promise I will write Daniels story out for you soon. I keep praying about the right time and the right words to share. I am confident that God will give me both of those much needed details in His perfect timing. In the mean time, I wanted to share with you what a day in the life of Daniel looks like. We’re richly enjoying our days with Daniel as a family. It’s not uncommon to hear Matthew saying, “Mommy I’ve washed  my hands and not got to hold the baby yet.” I guess the only time that boy thinks a hand washing is worthy of his attention is when he wants to spend some time with Daniel. Every night Samuel gives me kisses before bed and then whispers in Daniels ear, “I love you” before he kisses his forehead and runs off for bed. Josiah and Ezekiel will enter the room with with a quiet strength and ask, “Can I hold Daniel, Mom?” They sit with their strong quite statures and hold him, looking into his eyes and examining every detail of his perfect form. Elisha practices his piano skills, as does Josiah, with a smile since they see how much pleasure it brings. Daniel will open his eyes and do all he can to turn his head to the beautiful music being played… just for him! Timothy insists on holding Daniel and yet lacks the skill of holding a baby and thus looks clumsy but it’s a precious, beautiful clumsy. Beth-Joy and Bekah teasingly debate on who’s turn it is to hold the baby throughout the day while Sarah-Grace packs his diaper bag perfectly each morning. Sarah has discovered that while big sisters are tackling each other on the living room floor, to see who can get to me first, she can calmly enter the room and ask for baby before they know what has happened. It’s made for some very comical moments. In the evenings my Joe will commonly take Daniel into his arms and speak to him in that daddy voice that causes him to look curiously into daddy’s eyes. His entire body relaxes as if to say, “I am in safe hands.” Does our dear Daniel know how greatly he is loved? Each member of the household has repeated thanksgiving to the Lord for this precious gift he’s given us. The house is busy, loud, and creative and yet dear Daniel acts as if this is where he was always suppose to be…. and I guess it is! For our God does not have plan “B” only plan “A”. He knew the decisions that would be made long before the foundations of the earth and made provision for them! When He hung the stars in the sky He had already determined that Daniel would be our son, when he knit me in my mothers womb he fashioned me perfectly as the wife to my Joe and the mother to these 11 blessings! What a blessing to know that we serve such a sovereign, mighty God!

A day with Daniel…. an utterly, complete, romantically perfect day indeed!

With much love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

Front Porch afternoons with big sister, Beth-Joy

The center of attention

Morning play time with big sister, Bekah

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  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    Beautiful!! He is sooo blessed to have you as a mommy and for the wonderful support group!! Blessings!!!
    BTW–LOVE the look of your blog!!!


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