100 things I love

Today, I sat with my sweet Beth-Joy and we talked about the things we love. I thought I would write them down so as not to forget what I hold as most treasured in my life. Enjoy!

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

1. I love the smell of my husbands pillow when he is away to work at night
2. I love the touch of his rough hands when they hold me, without words telling me that everything will be alright
3. I love to watch my husband work hard and then see his face brighten when he sees me coming with a glass of something refreshing to drink.
4. I love to think back on the very first time my Joe kissed me
5. I love to dream with my Joe
6. I love to see pictures of the past and ponder how we've grown.
7. I love to hear him ask for seconds of a dish and tell me how I just made the best meal he's ever tasted.
8. I love to hear my Joe laugh
9. I love to listen to the beating of his heart as I lay on his chest.
10. I love to watch my Joe play with our children.
11. I love to hear him read the Bible to us
12. I love make my Joe smile
13. I love the hugs and cheers my Joe would give me everytime I told him the pregnancy test was positive
14. I love that my Joe delights in our children as much as I do.
15. I love the new smell of my babies
16. I love the soft touch of the baby's skin against mine.
17. I love nursing my babies
18. I love to watch baby sleep
19. I love to rock my babies
20. I love to give birth in my own bed
21. I love to sleep with my babies
22. I love hearing my babies giggle
23. I love to give baby “belly bubbles”
24. I love to hear my babies cheer as Daddy arrives home
25. I love to frame their kool-aid handprints on the wall
26. I love watching baby walk for the very first time
27. I love to hear the patter of feet down the hall
28. I love to hear my babies tenderly say, “Momma, I love you”
29. I love to see baby after he/she “dressed themselves” for the first time
30. I love the way my girls wrap their arms around my neck and kiss my check each morning
31. I loved when my baby first signed, “I love you” as I pushed him on the swing
32. I love to see baby with the cake batter spoon and more batter on his face than in his mouth
33. I love to listen to baby pray
34. I love to watch my children play
35. I love to see the excitement in my boys as they capture a frog or other creature
36. I love to see my girls play mommy
37. I love to taste my girls first batch of cookies made for daddy
38. I love to wash dishes with my girls
39. I love to cook with my girls
40. I love to listen to my children's dreams
41. I love to see my girls in dresses
42. I love to see my boys protect the girls and I
43. I love to hear my children squeal with excitment as they ride their bikes down the hill
44. I love to see my boys make homemade fishing poles and fish with them
45. I love to spend time with my teenagers
46. I love that my teenagers like to spend time with me
47. I love the kisses and prayers my 13yo says for me every night without fail
48. I love the way my boys bless me
49. I love how my girls delight in ministering to their daddy
50. I love how my 18yo son still wants to spend time with his family more than anyone else
51. I love how my boys like to show me their forts
52. I love how my boys will bring me flowers from their hikes
53. I love to eat popcorn with the family while daddy reads us a story
54. I love to hear my children sing
55. I love the babies that God gave us through adoption
56. I love the way my 8yo can make the whole house laugh
57. I love being a mother
58. I love being a wife
59. I love being an aunt
60. I love being a daughter
61. I love to spend time with my parents and that they enjoy spending time with me
62. I love to hold hands with my Momma while we walk through the garden
63. I love to remember my childhood
64. I love to go on “girls days” each year
65. I love the fragrance of flowers
66. I love to make our home pretty for my Joe and Children
67. I love to laugh … most often at myself
68. I love to hear the birds sing right as the sun rises
69. I love to watch the sun set
70. I love to wake before anyone else in the home
71. I love to spend quiet time with God over a cup of tea
72. I love to spend time in the garden
73. I love to sit and watch my chickens peck
74. I love to milk my goats and spend time with them.
75. I love to watch my sheep graze and think of how much alike we really are
76. I love to see my 11yo's smile as she rides the horse she has prayed for years for
77. I love to see my 5yo play in the creek and build the “bestest sand castle”
78. I love to hear the animals greet me as they see me coming
79. I love teaching my children to love learning
80. I love the smell of apple spices in Fall
81. I love the fresh scent of Spring
82. I love to see the stars on a clear night… they appear as if I could reach up and grab one to  put into my pocket
83. I love the smell of clean laundry
84. I love to bake cheesecake
85. I love to pick fresh fruit from a tree and eat it
86. I love to look out the kitchen window to see the children sitting in the fruit tree eating to their hearts delight
87. I love learning
88. I love reading old literature
89. I love to play dolls with my girls
90. I love to listen to praise music
91. I love to spend time with friends
92. I love being a friend to others
93. I love to quilt a blanket for my friends new baby
94. I love to see my Joe enjoy fellowship with other men
95. I love making new friends- real ones you can share your heart with
96. I love to bless others
97. I love to  pray for others- it helps me not focus on me so much.
98. I love encourage other moms
99. I love to eat food we grew and preserved ourselves
100. I love to count my blessings

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