Big sister, Sarah, held Daniel as he waved "hi" to the hippos.

Sometimes the world has to wait…

Well, no doubt I live in Kansas! It’s January and a sunny 75 degrees today with a forecast of snow on Thursday. I thought I had better take advantage of the nice weather today and head out to the zoo with the children. It was a treat to hear their grateful hearts and delight as we went from exhibit to exhibit. This was Baby’s first trip to the zoo which made it extra special. Besides the hippos and Lions Daniel wasn’t much interested. He just wanted us to keep the stroller moving. I told my Joe, I think it was because the other animals were too hidden in the habitat that the zoo had provided them. We meandered through the zoo, fed the ducks, sat on benches, waited for siblings to get their fill of whatever animal they might be looking at, and took in the fresh air and cool breeze! It was truly a sweet, spontaneous, trip. I told a friend, “Sometimes we just have to say, “I’m going to make the world wait and enjoy my blessings.” I had one of those moments today…it was long overdue!

Below are some pictures of the fun time we all enjoyed.

Daniel making a face because of the smell in the animal cages


Sammy loved pushing baby brother through the zoo. Baby enjoyed the trip too!


Daniel’s favorite animals at the zoo were the hippos and lions.


Big sister, Sarah, held Daniel as he waved “hi” to the hippos.


It’s time to go! Daniel is ready to get this show on the road!


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  1. Katie B. of
    Katie B. of says:

    I live in Kansas, too! It was so nice to sit outside yesterday evening on the deck with my husband. When I went to bed, the outdoor thermometer said it was 72. Even this morning when I woke up at 6:30 it was still 64… but by the time I’d taken my son to school and was ready to start on my day the temperatures were already dropping. Would be nice if we got a snow day out of this, though. We didn’t have any snow days last year, and I kind of miss them.


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