Noisy Bassinet Days

As I went to answer the cry of my sweet baby, coming from the bassinet, the thought occurred to me, “These are noisy bassinet days;” days when the bassinet is filled with a newborn learning to stretch. Days of yawning, sleeping and yes… crying. I don’t allow my babies to simply cry. I want them to know that I will answer them when they call. I quickly respond at the very first sound of their ‘squeak’ and yet, the reality is that even though I respond there are times that baby continues to cry. Crying with tummy pain that mommy cannot fix no matter how much ‘fixing’ I try. I missed this lesson from the noisy bassinet days in the past. It wasn’t until this morning, baby number 11, that I finally ‘got it’.

While noisy bassinet days can bring a grown woman to cry, and while these days will pass to be nothing more than a blur, the lesson lives on throughout all of our mothering. It is the lesson that mommy, while I would love too, can’t fix everything. No matter how quick I respond or how wisely I respond, pain is part of life. There will be days that I must let my toddler try to walk even though I know they must fall many times before they are successful. Days when my kindergartner will insist on learning to ride a bike like big brother, even thou their toes barely touch the peddles; days when I know skinned knees are sure to follow. Pain will come when they can’t hit the ball like their friends on the baseball team, when they are rejected by those that are important to them, and when life disasters comes despite all their careful attention. Pain is simply part of this life.

I may not be able to stop the baby pain of tummy aches, or the skinned knees from happening, but I can commit myself to being there throughout it all. I will pray for you dear baby, help you, give you council, and never give up on you. So today, as I reached into the noisy bassinet my heart was filled with thanksgiving that today I could display a love that stays through the pain and directs baby to the One that can heal all our pain.

All too soon the bassinet will be packed away where it will remain silent and yet, the lesson from noisy bassinet days will remain long after!

With much love,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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  1. Mrs. Mary Joy Pershing
    Mrs. Mary Joy Pershing says:

    Beautiful! What a beautiful reminder for us to remember in the challenging days after they grow beyond the bassinet. And thank you for sharing the wonderful lessons that God is reminding you of as you go through these special days with your precious little one!


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