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Teaching your Little One Sign Language *

Teach your little one Sign LanguageAre you going to teach your little one sign language?  Sign Language has been a topic near to my heart for many years now.  Our son Elisha was born prematurely  and had different challenges because of it. Sign Language was his only method of communication for those early years of life. I’ve also taught my little ones to sign as a helpful tool in overcoming the frustration that non verbal tots often experience.

When Kellie over at Crowe’s Nest Media asked me to take a look at their newest DVD, For His Own Glory Barnyard Collection, I was excited to do so. I wasn’t sure how my children, especially my youngest, would react.  As a family we don’t watch TV very often. My children aren’t typically interested in sitting still that long.

I can sincerely say that even if your children don’t usually watch DVD’s this is one that you want to add to your carefully selected library!

This 40 min DVD will give your child an introduction of sign language with a sign for each of the 12 barnyard animals Crowe’s Nest Media has chosen. I was impressed with how much time they devoted to each sign. This is not a comprehensive sign language program rather, it is a reinforcement tool that would be a beautiful addition to your home. For His Own Glory offers so much more than just 12 signs. Letter recognition, counting, and hymns are also included. In fact, Judy Rogers provides a variety of her songs that my children have heard since they were born.

At first I thought this DVD would be best for toddlers. It was only playing for a few moments before several of the children were captivated. The baby actually sat through the entire program, cuddled up in my lap, participating as invited by the children on the show. Singing along to the hymns, trying new signs, counting, and even trying to repeat the letters as they were read on the screen. It was a fun experience for all of us. I look forward to adding some of the other titles available.

for his glory DVD

I encourage you to visit their site for the complete list of DVD’s available. Don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook as well.

Until our next chat,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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