Truly the Lord has made me a joyful mother of children!  My story with pregnancy and birth is unique and different with each child. From caring a child only 25 weeks to another child who was in utero for 3 days short of a year. To giving birth at home to giving birth in the ICU. To the child that I carried in my womb and the others I carried in my heart. From the child that fought for their lives on machines to the child that I fought for in the courts! With each child that God was gracious enough to give us we have rejoiced. Their stories were not always easy to live out much less tell. The tears were not always happy tears. Many times we were on our knees unable to utter words in prayer only to sob before Him trusting He knew the requests and would show Himself faithful!

There is so much to share. The Lord has used each of these children to mold me into the woman that I am today. In fact, if you haven’t yet read the “about me” page where I share all the aspects and a few odd facts about who I am then make sure you go over there and get to know me more! I’d love to have you join me!

Let me introduce you to these children that He has given me!

Jedidiah– 25 years of age. Married to Miranda who are the parents of my grandson, Gunner. Jed is what we normally call him. He has a tender heart. Is full of fun and life. He shares excitement with everyone he meets and would give the shirt off his back to help someone else. His wife, Miranda, is the perfect helpmeet. Full of energy, smiles, and kindness toward others. They are both enjoying the full and busy days of parenting.

Rebekah- 22 years of age. Married to Jacob who are the parents of my granddaughter, Emily. Born 9 weeks early on Christmas eve. She is the delight of her parents. Bekah is my best cheerleader. She is more than a daughter, she is truly a friend! We share many precious moments together and I look forward to many more! Together with her husbands leading they are raising our grand daughter to be beautiful from within!

Elisha– 21 this May. Living at home busy about the farm and assisting his father in our trucking business as needed. Elisha was my child born at 25 weeks gestation. I remember begin told that we needed to plan for his funeral. God has done wonderful things in his life. Today he has no complications from his premature birth. He manages the farm and orchards for our family. He has a heart for the Lord that always makes me hunger for the Lord more!

Bethany– 19 and engaged to a wonderful man, Zechariah. Their wedding date is set for May 17th 2014. Beth Joy is normally how I call her. She has worked with me in managing the home and the office work for her father. She is a joy to her parents and anyone that knows her knows her tender sweet spirit that is a rare treasure! She is truly a joy!

Josiah– 16 years of age. He assists his father with multiple aspects of business including Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. He is the son that was born wanting to protect his mommy. From the time he was 18 months old he was always “watching” out for mommy. He’s a very strong, quiet, young man. When he smiles or laughs everyone else in the room does as well!

Ezekiel– 15 years of age was born from our hearts through adoption. He came to us at the age of five with burns from the waist down including skin grafts. The Lord has done much healing in his heart. Today, he is a tender young man who has a heart to do what is right before the Lord and his parents. We have walked through many of his painful moments with the help of journaling. We found it helped him to learn to communicate what he was feeling inside.

Timothy– 14 years old I prayed for Timothy for many years. He was born legally blind while he was seen many times, even had vision tests done, it was not discovered until he was 8 years of age. He is my child that is full of adventure. He loves to live life and take on challenges. Timothy takes care of the beehives here on our property with natural and organic methods. He supplies our family with delicious honey each year.

Sarah- 13 years of age. She was also born of my heart. She leaped into my arms at three years of age and asked, “Will you be my mommy.” She is growing in the Lord each day. The Lord has used her to teach me so much about myself and His love for us! Sarah likes to help with the baby and make meals for the family.

Samuel- 12 years of age with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) was also born from our hearts. He is a hoot! This child can make a room bust out laughing with the things he says. He is small for his age and probably functions at a 8 year old level. He wants to do what is right and please his mommy and daddy. He is tenderhearted. Because of his FAS his brain does not function properly so recalling information is hard. Understanding action/reaction has been very difficult for him and memorizing facts are just as challenging. He is learning to memorize Scripture which is a huge accomplishment. We give God all the glory and pray for His blessings upon our sweet Samuel!

Matthew– 10 years of age. He was also born from our hearts. A true gift from the Lord. He is extremely gifted in his ability to learn information quickly and retain it. At three years of age he was multiplying utensils each time I would set the table. He learned to read easily and soared through each text book he has been given with little difficulty. He keeps me on my toes! Matthew was the baby of the family until Daniel came to us seven years later.

Daniel- The story of how God brought Daniel into our family has been shared here on the blog in different places. Daniel was born from our hearts and with Duchenne. Daniel is the delight of the home. It has been so much fun to have another little one in the home after all these years.  If you’d like to read more about Daniel, I invite you to visit “Daniel’s Story“.

That’s the quick snippet of each of my blessings. Join me on the blog as I share more about my life, family and faith!

Psalm 113:9  He maketh the barren woman to dwell with a family,and a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.

Mrs. Joseph Wood