Daniel’s story has been written by the Most High God before time began. Daniel’s story is no mistake, no accident, no coincidence; it is a vital part of God’s eternal plan to declare His glory. It’s a story that is not built on circumstance rather, on His character alone. I invite you to join me as we live out Daniel’s story through the good and through the hard moments of life. May God be glorified!

Daniel’s Story– My first blog post sharing how the Lord brought Daniel into our lives

A Day with Daniel– An utterly, completely, romantically, perfect day with baby!

Bassinet Days– Living in the moment

Roller Coaster Ride- Reading the lab work and doctor reports for the first time

Pain, part of the perfect plan– Accepting the will of God even when it hurts

Is There Anything More Beautiful? – My thoughts on Daddy time with baby

Daniel’s Day– Precious moments with our baby boy!

Living NOT Dying– Thoughts on Living with Duchennes

Baby’s First Birthday– A day of celebration

Sometimes the World has to Wait– Baby’s first trip to the zoo

God’s Kindness Surrounds Me– Sharing my thoughts before Baby’s G-tube and Fundo Surgery

Traveling with Baby– Our first flight may have had flying apple juice. Today, baby has been on a plane more than I can count visiting over 30 states.

Running for Baby– My first 1/2 Marathon and the lessons learned.

When Your Travel Takes Unexpected Turns- Sharing the story of Daniel’s first broken bone due to Osteopenia.

Hospital Days- Sharing my heart on those long hospital days

Mothering a Terminally Ill Child– Answering questions from our readers on tips and how we’ve managed this journey.

When Wishes Come True– The amazing gift from Make a Wish Foundation for our sweet son.

A Time to Cry– Because sometimes that’s just what happens.