When Wishes Come True

When Wishes Come True

For those of you that know our family, you know that our son Daniel was granted his wish from Make a Wish foundation. He was just getting over pneumonia and we weren’t sure he was going to be well. About 15 min before we were going to reveal his wish he sat on the living room floor with me and said, “Mommy I don’t feel good.” I replied, “Just a little bit more Danny Boy. You don’t want to miss seeing your wish come true!”

Danny Boy

There were TV interviews (see WIBW Ch. 13 video, Community Efforts Gets Daniels Wish On Track), along with many new friends and faces surrounding us. Daniel was overwhelmed as we walked outside to 75 people singing “I’ve been working on the railroad” He started whispering in my ear, “Back inside mommy. Back inside.” My dear Joe and I continued to encourage him, “Just a little bit more Danny Boy. You don’t want to miss this.”

Wishs Come True

As you look through the photos you can tell Danny boy didn’t feel his best, but he was feeling much better than he had the days before. The week before the event,  I had sat looking out the window as I held him, watching all the workers work so hard to make this wish come true. I can’t tell you how many tears fell from my face. I was overwhelmed by the love these strangers were showing towards my sweet boy.

I’ve had people ask me, “What’s it like when wishes come true?”

Let me share….

When wishes come true… you cry


When wishes come true…you feel very, very humbled by the love of others to make the wish come true

Community Love

When wishes come true… you feel as if the world has stopped spinning for the slightest moment and you simply breathe in all the details of the moment, praying you won’t ever forget it.

When time stood still

When wishes come true…you struggle to express the magnitude of your thankfulness



New Friends

When wishes come true… you smile (a lot!)

Thank you to WIBW Ch. 13 news for this photo

Thank you to WIBW Ch. 13 news for this photo




When wishes come true… you thank God that there are people who take time out of their lives to make the life of someone else better.

Precious Moments

While no one showed up that day with a cure for Duchennes, everyone showed up with the one thing that can cure the self-centered culture that we often find ourselves swallowed up by… selflessness!

Train Rides

It is organizations like Make a Wish that are making a difference, a real difference in our communities and country. If we forget to invest in the lives of others then I wonder if we’re really living at all.

Thank you to each and every person from the Alaska Railroad, to Car Star, Lowes Hardware, to Ash at Davis Electric, Trusted Choice, to, Theresa (who makes the most amazing cakes!!), to Erin at Erin Tomlinson Photography for capturing all these special family moments, to all our friends and family, and to the individual’s who donated so that Make a Wish could give our sweet son the wish of a lifetime!

Train Cake

To all the staff at Make a Wish we feel this wish journey made each of our lives better. Some people touch our lives while others leave an imprint on the heart that impacts our lives forever. Thank you for all the love and kindness you imprinted on us through this experience. You started as strangers and instantly became friends. Friends who share a bond with us that many do not know or understand. Thank you to Eric and Becky for being wonderful sponsors and loving on our son. Thank you to Melanie for laughing and crying with me. Thank you to April for dreaming big with us so that Danny’s wish could come true!!

The day after…

Danny woke up the day after the event, before his G-Tube was even unplugged and the machines were turned off, he said, “Daddy I need your help. I need to go check on my train.” As Danny boy started to crawl out of bed he said, “Mommy call all my friends tell them to come back!”

When wishes come true… you share them!!! Our family is looking forward to sharing Danny’s wish with others so that your day can be a little bit brighter too!

We hope there will be many children who experience the joys of childhood by coming out to the farm and joining Danny Boy on his train. I think that’s the best part of this wish… all the memories that will be made in the days past and the days ahead!

If you’d like to be part of making wishes come true, please consider contacting the Make A Wish foundation to ask what you can do to be part of events just like this.


Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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