“What’s it Like to be a Mommy to a Boy Like Me?”

Last week, I was in the Starbucks drive through to get a drink with Sammy, my almost 13 year old son who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome also known as “FAS”. Sammy has brain damage from the exposure of alcohol when he was in his birth mother’s womb. He functions more at a 7-8 year-old level. Sammy can have us all laughing with his very honest and fun way of seeing life! There are times when we see a glimpse inside of him.. the real him and a question or comment so serious and real comes from that sweet little boy!

A question like the one he asked me just the other day…


“What’s it like to be a mommy to a boy like me?”

I wasn’t expecting the question to come at that moment. Honestly, I had never thought I would ever be asked that question.

I pondered what he had asked me, repeated the question to him, and then said, “Do you remember when baby Daniel came into the home and how happy we all were?” He smiled big, with a twinkle in his eye and said, “yes” with excitement. I replied, “That’s how it has felt to be your mommy every single day. I’ll never forget the day God picked me to be your mommy! I tell Him thank you all the time!”

He giggled with excitement and seemed perfectly content for the rest of the trip. Since that day, I  keep replaying his question over and over in my mind.



I wonder, why did he ask?

Did I have a frown on as I folded laundry?

Did I give him the impression there was something about my tasks of caring for him that were a burden?

I’ve prayed and pondered Sammy’s question more times than I can count. His conversation has made me aware of my responses much more vividly this week.

When Sammy asks himself “What’s it like to be a mommy to a boy like me?”  I hope he knows my answer just by the way I love him every moment of every day! I want my actions to say, “Being your mommy is…..”




Exhausting… but the good kind!

Like the worlds best roller coaster ride… ever!

It is my prayer that God will convince Sammy of Truth. That he will always be confident in how much he is loved by God and his family, especially his mommy!

Until our next chat,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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