Traveling with Babies


We’ve been traveling more than normal recently. Baby has enjoyed several flights across the US. I think I was out of practice on our first trip, knowing how to juggle all the switching between flights and caring for baby at the same time. I told my grown children that if they started seeing Facebook posts about some woman on a plane to KS who can’t control her son, it was me! It wasn’t that baby was being naughty. His mommy just didn’t have fast enough reflexes to catch the apple juice he was knocking over or the apple he was throwing at the woman next to me. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds… maybe even worse depending if you were the stranger with the apple juice soaked pants or the woman with an apple hitting her eye! Those are the times I never want to fly again. I’d rather travel in the privacy of my own car with apples flying and juice spilling privately.

On the second trip, a young man sat next to me. Of course I was stuck in the middle seat. I asked him if he had children. He replied, “No” with a smile. I then looked at baby and said, “Daniel let’s do our best to let this gentleman know how great babies can be- future generations might depend on it!” The trip went very well. I kept baby occupied and we only had a few moments of restlessness. As we parted ways the young man next to me smiled and said, “He did really good.”

By the third trip, we had this down!  Baby sat and enjoyed some snacks that were given as we flew. He engaged others around us who just couldn’t resist his adorable smile and several people around us mentioned how well he did as we stood up to leave. So I guess it’s true that practice makes perfect. I just need to remind myself to have the courage to try it again when we have flops like our first experience!

Here’s a picture of baby enjoying some cheese, crackers and fruit.