Mrs. Joseph Wood- My Curious Signature

Hello dear friends!

I am often asked about my signature and why I sign my name as Mrs. Joseph Wood. Today,  I was thinking that perhaps there are some that do not know the story of how I decided on such a curious signature. There may be some who think I do so as a sign of “Spirituality” or maybe to hide my true identity. There are others who have questioned if I have lost my “self” and do not know who I am. Oh, no! Dear friend, it is none of these things! Let me share with you why I really sign my name as Mrs. Joseph Wood; may this testimony be a blessing to you.


It was the fall of 1999, I had a sweet friend that moved to Michigan (Christine) who would take time to write to me almost every day and share what the Lord was doing in her heart and home. I enjoyed those precious chats. We had serious talks through email, educational chats- spurring each other on in well doing and simply fun chats as we grew together in His grace. One thing we use to do often was sign our letters with different signatures that represented the “mood” of the day. For example, one day I might sign my name as: A Handmaiden Hiding in Him. Another day I might sign as: A Thankful Servant, and so forth. Well, one day I was finishing up a letter to Christine as my Joe walked into the room and read my note to her over my shoulder. In a teasing jester I signed my name as: Mrs. Joseph Wood. My Joe’s face just lit up! He then began to tell me how he use to love seeing his Momma get mail. He shared how he remembered seeing her with magazines that would always read: Mrs. Bernard Wood. Even as a young boy he was blessed by his mothers devotion and love for his daddy. It meant a great deal to him that she would want to use his daddy’s name in correspondence. “Oh how happy I am that you would want to use my name.” were Joe’s words to me. I will never forget his joy. The way he hugged me and the smile that remained on his face for such a long time. All because of my signature. I truly was surprised. I asked the Lord, could such a small act really mean so much? At that moment, I decided that I would forever change my signature. In honor of my Joe I have been Mrs. Joseph Wood ever since that day. There have been times when I started to feel nervous and would worry about what people must think. Yet, the Lord would always remind me that it is not for me to worry about. I should only concern myself with what He thinks. And somehow, in some way, the Lord sees my heart desire to bless my Joe and is blessed by it as well.

So there you have it friend, that is how my signature forever became Mrs. Joseph Wood. May you be blessed as you too desire to please your husband!

With much love,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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  1. Courtney (Women Living Well)
    Courtney (Women Living Well) says:

    Thank you for this explanation – I did think you were trying to hide your "identity" on the web – but I LOVE this explanation- fascinating! I'm gonna have to try this on my husband and see if it effects him the same way…very curious!

  2. René Latting
    René Latting says:

    What a wonderful and loving story. I guess the saying "It's the little things that count" is completely true here. How I loved reading it so. I will definitely have to test it out. Thanks again!!!

  3. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    >How very sweet! I knew your birth name because we share a mutual friend, Tandy Sue. Thank you so very much for sharing the story behind your signature! I am currently in a ladies bible study about marriage and understanding our husbands so I am going to give this try and see what my Chris thinks! Once again thank you very much for sharing….

  4. Barb Schmidt
    Barb Schmidt says:

    I remember my mother doodling and always writing out her married name as Mrs. Fred Cramer. I was so anxious to sign my own married name as a newlywed, in the same way as my mother had done. Unfortunately, that tradition is mostly dead, and I am required to sign with my first and last name. In my heart, though, I belong to my husband, and I have for over 31 years now. Even more sadly, my son’s wife didn’t even want to take his last name when they first married.

  5. Jacqueline
    Jacqueline says:

    Awww, that is SO sweet! I did find it odd at first, which is why clicked on the story to find out what the reason was. Love that you sign your name that way for the purpose of blessing your husband!


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