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Hello Friends!
Whew! What a busy few days the Wood family has had! The Lord has shown Himself as mighty and worthy of all praise! Let me share some glimpses into our lives, may you be blessed!

We had expected to leave CA on Thursday night however, our trip was delayed until Friday night (we pulled out of my parents drive way at midnight). Joe and the boys had spent their time fixing trailers, packing trailers and getting us on the road. We had several different families come look at the home which took  time and delayed us the extra day. We have such a great peace that the Father already has a buyer for the home and we must simply wait His timing. As you all remember, our prayer was that we would be able to leave CA as a family and God has faithfully answered that prayer! I look forward to the day I can let you know that the home is sold as well!

While we gave so much of what we had away we still had one trailer load to much of items! We had to go through our things and leave what we could live without at my parents home. We were considering coming back for it however, now we are reconsidering and praying about the matter. It is quite expensive to make this trip across the states! I do have some things that I could sell and use those funds to replace items here. If anyone is interested in some of my food storage that I had to leave let me know, I may have some buckets of grain, rice, beans and such that I could sell instead of bring out here. I was able to bring most of it (I think I had over 3000 lbs of food in my car alone)!~

Our vehicles were extremely over loaded making our trip quite dangerous and difficult. Yet, the Lord went before us and protected us each step of the way…. even provided people to fix lights or tires free of charge when they were needed. It was amazing to see Him work- He was answering prayers before we could even pray them!!! All of you know my Joe doesn’t tear up easily however,we both had tears as we praised God for getting us over those mountain ranges! Dear friends, there was no humanly possible way that we could have crossed those mountains. The hand of the Lord is the only explanation on why we made it! In fact, both of our cars actually stopped working- we loss all power because the load was simply too heavy for them to pull! We saw God move dear friends and were humbled to consider His love for us!

The trip took us 54 hours! Yes, you read that right 54 hours!! The children were peaceful and the Joy was evident in our lives even in the midst of all the trials! Our cars couldn’t drive over 60 and many times we were going 30-40 due to the weight and pull of the mountains. All except the Rocky’s that is… we weren’t even registering on the speedometer!! We pulled into our new home on Monday, June 30th at 3:00 am. The owners had graciously left a key for us and a sweet welcome note! They had been cleaning and preparing the home for us late into the night! I thank the Lord for bringing our paths together!! How sweet, that someone who doesn’t even know us would show such great kindness to us!

Everyone loves the home! I have only heard happy comments from all the children and of course my Joe and I are delighted to be here. There is such a great peace in all of us- we are confident this is where He wants us. It always feels good when we obey the Lord doesn’t it?

God has blessed us with sweet neighbors. It has been a treat to visit with them the last few days and see how much we have in common. In fact, we already have a source for good farm eggs and milk? Isn’t God amazing?! I will have to share all the details with you later as well as pictures! We have meet some very neat Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I am confident the Lord is going to establish His plan for allowing our paths to cross. This is new for the Wood family to have so many opportunities to have people, outside of our family, as part of our day. I have been able to express that to the neighbors and they have just been sweet and understanding, respecting our family uniqueness. You can just see the love over flooding from them toward us! I pray that we can be as much of a blessing to them and they too can see His love in us!

The children enjoyed chasing lightening flies! What a delightful night it was to hear them giggle and run across the yard! They had never seen these little critters before.  As a mommy, the most delightful noise I know is that of my babies giggling… you know those belly giggles? I just love them!

Well it is already ten pm here. I have been staying up late and waking early to unpack and make our home more lovely for my family. Thank you for all your prayers, notes and phone calls! You are all so precious to us. We truly thank God on every remembrance of you!

With much love dear friends,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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  1. Cyndi
    Cyndi says:


    I am praising Him right along with you and Joe. just love your family and am grateful you are right where the Lord wants you. Many new friends will be so blessed by the Wood family.

    We love you all

    Cyndi and the family

  2. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Praise the Lord for His faithful hand in delivering you to Kansas! How fun it was to read of your journey – will anxious await pictures and more stories as you get settled. Give those babies a kiss!


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