6 things I would say to myself as a younger mom

Have you ever heard the song, The Words I Would Say, by The Sidewalk Prophets? I was reminded of the truth in this song as I began to share the 6 things I would say to myself as a younger mom.

The idea is that we all have some simple truths we wish we could go back and tell our younger selfs.

What if we could have an “older” sister in Christ share those words with us now?

What would those words be?

As a mother of 11, grandmother of two, and three married children, I pondered this question and decided on these 6 things I would say to myself as a younger mom:



Forgive yourself- seriously! Don’t just say you forgive yourself, really do it. That means every time you’re faced with the opportunity to pick up the baggage of yesterday… don’t! Remember you’re forgiven, keep moving forward!

Laugh. We don’t laugh near enough! Don’t laugh at others, but make sure you have others to laugh with!

You are beautiful! You need to tell yourself that more! Look in the mirror and tell God thank you for the beauty He has developed in you and through you!

Don’t give up! I know you’re tired physically, emotionally, and spiritually at times. I know it feels like things won’t ever change… trust me they will! Don’t give up… ever!!

Love your husband, especially when it’s hard. Challenge yourself to pray for him before you ever grant yourself permission to complain to him. By the way, have you kissed him today? He really needs you, even if it doesn’t feel like  it.

Invest yourself in your child- Really! Don’t give them the “left overs” after you’ve already given everyone else your best. Give them your best, without guilt or grudges.

If you’d like to hear a few of the things I wish I had known when I was a younger mother join me over on my blog, A Moment with MOM, where I share, Things I wish I had known when I was a younger mother, but probably wouldn’t have understood

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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  1. Bren~
    Bren~ says:

    I love this post! Great stuff. Especially the loving your husband part. I am not a “kisser”, but my husband IS! This weekend, I intentionally kissed him more. He noticed and cannot stop thanking me for all the love I gave him this weekend. His compliments and gratefulness are pumping me up, and I think they are helping me have a wonderful and happy attitude…which we all know, helps out exponentially toward being a good momma!


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