The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Part 1 *


Teaching your children the greatest love story ever told is a duty each parent has. From the moment our little ones enter the world we are showing them the character of God through our every day interactions with them. This is the first post of a series of five that we will be sharing this week. I hope you will join us all week and participate with your thoughts as well. May God be glorified!

1 John 4:10 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

Before our children even knew they needed us we were there caring for their every need. Just like our Heavenly Father did for each of us in a more complete and perfect way that only a God without sin could do!

In our home we have not taught our children about playful romantic relationships. There was never any teasing about having a “crush” or “kissing” or “marrying” someone when they were only children. Instead when our little girls would dream of being a mommy one day or getting married we would direct the conversation toward trusting a Sovereign God that had had already determined all those details and we could trust Him to reveal His plan in His perfect timing. I share all of this to say, that Valentine’s Day has never been a “romantic” holiday for our family. In fact, as I prepared this post I asked some of my older children how old they were when the first realized that the most of those around us celebrated this as a holiday about relationships between a boy and girl. The answer was given some careful thought and then one child spoke up and said, “I think I was 13 or so”. The others agreed.

So how did our family celebrate this day? The children could see the colors of pink, red, and white bombarding all the stores. They saw the hearts, the candies, and the stuffed animals. How did they grow up not looking at Valentines as others did? Simple. It was all in our presentation. We could have just said it was a holiday we didn’t need to celebrate. We could have but instead of teaching what we thought was “wrong” we decided to just live what we thought was “right”. It brought a more positive focus in our home and didn’t cause division with other family, friends, or believers who did things differently than us.


Here are a few things we’ve done throughout the years:

Each February I took that time to read to my children stories of how great of a love a mother had for her child. Titles such as:

Love You Forever

Just the Way You Are

Best of All (Max Lucado’s Wemmicks)

You Are Special (Max Lucado’s Wemmicks)

Because I Love You

My Mother Is Mine (Classic Board Books)

You Are My I Love You: board book

If Kisses Were Colors board book

I’d Choose You

Guess How Much I Love You  and the list could go on.

I would buy or make valentines cards and leave them with notes of affirmation for each member of the house.

I would buy red hot candy hearts and read Scripture of God’s love for us to them as they ate candies and enjoyed a bubble bath.

Throughout the years what I did would change yet there was one thing that never changed… the ambition to use this time to discuss the love of God for His People! This week I will be inviting you into my home for the real moments while I present this message to my children and my grand daughter, Miss Emily, who has also joined us. No matter how you decide to acknowledge or celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope these ideas would be encouraging for you as you present the message of God’s love for us before we even knew our need for him. These are activities you could do at anytime of the year, and why not! This is a message we should be speaking, displaying, and presenting to our children daily in a variety of ways!

Here’s a short video clip introduction to what is in store this week. Make sure you download the free resources I have included in each post for this series. Oh! and if you’re someone who likes behind the scene photos we’ll be posting those on our FB page all this week as well! I hope you have as much fun with this as we did!

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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